sunday night studies

Join one of our three studies on Sundays for Fall 2022 to grow in your knowledge of the Lord and enjoy community with other believers from Fairhaven!

  • IF:Gathering Women's Study

    Led by Pattie Wright, this group of ladies will be meeting to watch breakout sessions from this year's IF:Gathering over 10 weeks beginning Sept. 11th in the Fireside Room.

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  • Science & the Bible

    Led by Dr. Roger Campbell of UWA, this group will gather to learn how and where modern science and Scripture agree as they meet in the church conference room at 5 PM beginning Sept. 11th.

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  • The New Testament YOu Never Knew

    Led by Tyler Gresham, this group will focus on the background context of the New Testament to better understand the Scriptures. They'll meet in the fellowship hall beginning Sept. 11th at 5 PM. The cost for the study guide is $10. 

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