Fairhaven Deacon nomination

The active list of deacons of Fairhaven Baptist Church shall consist of men who meet the following requirements:

1. He must meet the requirements set forth in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3. 

2. He must have been a member of this church for at least 1 year. 

3. He must live a consecrated, dedicated Christian life each day in such a way as to keep from bringing reproach upon Christ or his Church. 

4. He must be co-operative with the pastor and his church in its spiritual program of advancement. 

5. He must be one who refrains from destructive criticism of his pastor and church and seeks to settle all difficulties in a quiet and Christian manner, without hurting the cause of Christ.

6. He must be faithful in attendance at the regular services of the church, including Sunday morning and evening worship, mid-week prayer service, Sunday school and Church Training unless providentially hindered. 

7. He must tithe his income to God through his church. 

8. He must be a total abstainer from the use of alcohol as a beverage.